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The next book in the Alien series is in the works, with Finn’s help.  Updates and excerpts coming soon!

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About the Author

Barbara Romo

Barbara wrote her first novella at fifteen, scribbling a chapter a day to pass around to friends in the back row of high school geometry. One day the room went silent and she looked up, wondering what happened to the teacher.  Unfortunately, the teacher was behind Barbara and reading over her shoulder.  That very cool math teacher just kept teaching, Barbara did put the novel away and pass geometry, but she never outgrew the urge to write.   

Barbara Romo has written romance and science fiction, winning several contests including the Time Travel category of the Romance Writers of America’s Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal Chapter’s On the Far Side Contest.  Her first published book, Undercover Alien, was released in 2008.  

Her stories always have aliens and are often set in the Texas Hill Country where she lives with her husband, son, and two furry rescues named Sammy and Finn. 

Image of my dogs, Sammy & Finn